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A suggestion about the National code of purchase website
21 mar. 2013, 10:04

Dear Sir,

Recently I have issued a mail about the national code of Taiwan on purchase website. And the reply indicated that program use ISO standard to construct web page.

In this case, I guess I don't have choice but accept it because it is worldwide used standard.

But the reply also said that ticket issued by Ministry will show Taiwan. This means if we take this as a customer service, not just follow the standard only, maybe we can have better result for both.

Furthermore, Taiwan is more common and worldwide used by many kind of organization, worldwide web, document, and introduction.

And the people of world have well known about Taiwan rather than "Taiwan (Province of China)".

So, please take this as a service consideration, not just a standard code.

This will not only make it more close to common use but more showing friendly how you are.

And thank you for telling me that the ticket will show Taiwan precisely, and I have no doubt to use your service.

Thank you for your attention and reply.

Re: A suggestion about the National code of purchase website
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23 mar. 2013, 14:36

Dear James,

Thank you for your email. Your suggestion will be taken into consideration.

Best regards,

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