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about ticket purchase for 2013
Aya K.
22 de oct de 2012, 07:33


I'm going to spend new year's eve at Machu Picchu, so I'd like to buy tickets for 31st Dec 2012 and 1st Jan 2013. But I can't choose the date of 2013 on your website.

Could you tell me how I can purchase tickets for 2013?

Best Regards.


Re: about ticket purchase for 2013
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22 de oct de 2012, 10:09

Hello Aya,

Thank you for your interest in our services. Yes, the 2013 season is not open yet, so you cannot purchase yet for January 1st. We don't know exactly when will the Ministry of Culture will open reservations, they never tell in advance but it is usually in December. I can only recommend you to check availability regularly. I am sorry there is nothing else we can do.

Best regards,

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