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inca trail
26 may. 2008, 09:15

Dear Friens ,

we are 4 people from milan italy that we would like to book the camino inca for the first or the second week of august. Is it possible ?

It seems from all the other tour operators that it is fully booked and so we are writing to you in order to see if by you we can do it.

Please let us know something urgently

kind regards


Re: inca trail
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26 may. 2008, 09:35

Dear Andrea,

First, I would like to thank you for your interest in our website and our services. Unfortunately, there is no space until September 27 and the point is that these spaces are not for Agencies but for the Inca Trail in general. It's why every Agency have the same availability. So, I'm really sorry but as you see, it's totally impossible to make this trek in August.

If you need to see the official spaces available, for the Inca Trail in general, please visit our page:

The only alternative you have are:

a.. The Salcantay Trek, a 5-day trek with departures every day. Please visit:

b.. The Machu Picchu Classical Tour, a full-day or 2-days tour with round-trip in train. Please visit:

Receive our best regards,

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